John Consigli

Direct Manager
Director, UX Research at Novartis

Ron's super productive with a great eye and an intellect that breaks IQ tests.

He's curious, creative, a natural problem-solver, and a great team player; coaching and being coached.

Allison Landers

Senior Leader
Chief Exp. Officer, Banking & Lending at UBS

He is always looking for ways to do things differently and better and is not shy about sharing his ideas.

Lesley Mitchell

Sr. Product Manager at Expero

Ron's expertise and creative approach make him an excellent choice for any UX design role.

He leads end-to-end design processes and communicates his ideas with confidence.

Oscar Hernandez

Senior Consultant at Expero

Ron is a stellar designer and person to work with.

His knowledge of beautiful design patterns is impressive and I always learned something new from him.

Sam Ekunseitan

Senior Leader
VP, IT Product Management at Fidelity

Ron is a strong addition to any project that requires fresh perspectives on end-to-end process flow.

Aruna Vaddiraju

SVP, UX & Business Analysis at Lakeland Bank

His prototypes are slick, interactive, and precise.

Many times I’ve seen Ron guide developers to solutions for his design.

Jacqueline Perez

Peer Designer
Sr. UX Designer at Expero

He always seems to have new design tricks and know-how up his sleeves that take his work to the next level.

Jill McPherson

Sr. Systems Analyst at Fidelity Investments

Not only was he able to design efficient and innovative screens but he was able to quickly understand the application's complex functionality.

Amanda Edgerton

Sr. Customer Success Manager at Impravata

Ron brought a fresh perspective to the project, bringing innovative ideas that breathed new life into our UI.

Judith Shea

Direct Manager
Principal, CX / UX Design at Birdsong

He will challenge ideas or "opinions" that he knows won't work and is able to explain the whys.

Liza Amezquita

Director, CX Insights & Strategy at Horizon BCBS

I was particularly impressed at Ron's ability to manage multiple projects effortlessly.

Andrew Higgins

Manager Process Management at Empower

He is an excellent collaborator capable of taking high level visions and ideas and turning them into tangible and workable experiences.

Kati Hart

Product Manager at Expero

He has a knack for distilling down exactly what a customer is looking for and presenting in a way that reaches all audiences.

Kaitlin Noonan

Peer Designer
UX Designer at Expero

Ron always provided valuable feedback, and his positive attitude and strong work ethic made him a joy to work with.

Jonny Hill

Peer Designer
UX Lead at Expero

If you're looking for someone who knows how to get stuff done and fights to find the best solution, Ron is your man.

Chad Huff

Direct Manager
Director of Product Design at Planview

Leading product design efforts across multiple industries, Ron brought his prior experience and was open to learning what each industry and users needed.

Ning Lu

Direct Manager
Director of Software Engineering at DMW&H

There are few software engineers with whom I’ve worked who put in the kind of time and attention to detail that Ron does.

Philippe Gambling

Front-end Architecture Lead at Expero

Ron's ability to ask thought-provoking questions and think innovatively sets him apart.